reports and studies. Justices of the Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal are appointed by the governor, but are subject to retention by the electorate every 12 years. [217] California is responsible for one seventh of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP). The southeastern border of California with Arizona is entirely formed by the Colorado River, from which the southern part of the state gets about half of its water. Since Proposition 13: Is AB8 Still Alive? Investment Advisory Commission, California CA Court Decisions, Ninth Circuit Opinions Are California Cities Required to Have Budgets? Analyses of Elections - California Local Ballot Measures, Resources for Local Ballot Local Planning Documents Database, Legislative Analyst's Office's analysis of current and recent ballot propositions, California The definitive resource on municipal funding for city and county managers, finance officers, academics and other professionals [169] The state of California and some California cities, including Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco,[171] have adopted sanctuary policies.