At the bottom, add a “Key achievement” subsection where you show off your best win. Covers, labels, and dates all leftover food for storage, Alerts management to products, which are spoiled or otherwise inedible, Set up serving area prior to service according to established line set-up procedures and New Jersey State Health Codes and Regulations, Serves customers from a variety of food stations as assigned, Maintains neat appearance of service lines throughout meal including appropriate garnishing, Safely operates the dish machine to wash and clean all service ware being sure they are completely clean and dry before returning them to service, Returns clean dishes, pots and pans, and utensils to appropriate areas. Knows where the MSDS sheets are kept for emergency needs, Disposes of garbage and cardboard in compactor. Assists in daily, weekly, and periodic cleaning and maintenance duties, Maintains the storage areas utilizing proper storage techniques, including enforcing a FIFO (first-in/first ?out) policy for all food products, Is familiar with all food preparation procedures including the regular use of standardized recipes, Breaks down food items at the end of each day's final meal period and properly stores them. Want to chat about writing your resume? PM or weekend shift), High school diploma or equivalent education preferred, Prior job experience as a Food Service Worker, preferably at a health related or public facility, 2) Follows specified dating procedure for all menu items and discards all food items after three days, 3) Labels and dates all opened foods such as protein salads and canned fruits, 4) Uses proper scoop or spoodle sizes, for all portioned items, 6) Prepares and dates cake, custards, fruit, jello per recipe, 8) Double checks that patient names and room number on the menu matches with the patient on the floor when delivering all trays to ensure accurate identification of the patient, 10) Quickly and accurately sets up late trays, always comparing the menu to items on the tray for accurate set up, 11) Cleans and sanitizes work area in a ?clean as you go? There is limited involvement with children and classroom staff, Loading van, transporting food to sites, delivering food cambros to classroom, returning cambros with dirty dishes back to the Central Kitchen, unloading and cleaning/sanitizing cambros, Crossed trained in all the duties in all the work function areas and, Required to work in any or all the functional areas when staff absence or unusually high kitchen production demands it, Implements their positional responsibilities in a professional manner that includes working in a respectful manner with all children, parents and employees. Make an offer. (Required), If prior military service, include all copies of your DD Forms 214 or proof of service (required). This includes but is not limited to all paper and plastic products, condiments, beverages, merchandise, items within the “grab and go” cooler, and the bake good display case, Must be available between the hours of 11:30A and 8:00 PM, Must be available to work during game day Saturdays, Two years experience at a Chick-fil-A location, High school diploma and 1-3 yrs experience in food service, Ability to read, write, understand and speak clearly in English, Able to understand verbal and written instructions and communicate the instructions to others, Set up and break down of servery for meal service, Foodservice experience perfered, but not required, Process menus correctly by placing appropriate food items on patient trays during meal service, Sets up and delivers patient late trays within 30 minutes of notification, Controls food portions through the use of appropriate sized utensils and measuring devices, Correctly records dish machine and refrigerator temperatures. work involves cleaning duties such as clearing and wiping tables, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing floors using a floor machine, scraping and washing dishes/pots and pans, cleaning all, You will read and interpret instructions and performs simple calculations used in food service preparation, You will be responsible for the delivery of nourishments and sandwiches for distribution and transport tray delivery trucks to patient areas; collect soiled trays; clean all equipment used in the delivery and retrieval of patient trays; operate and maintain sanitation of the dish machine, Operate and care for all equipment in the performance of duties such as, dishwashing/pot washing machines, garbage disposal, pulper, trash compactor, etc, Label, date, and store foods and leftovers, Participate in HACCP training and utilizes those components of the HACCP system, Use equipment and utensils required in quantity food service, Maintain an uncluttered, clean and sanitary work area, Promote a safe work environment by using equipment safely and carefully, Utilize good interpersonal skills and courtesy in all contacts to emphasize the concern and commitment of Nutrition and Food Service to customer service, Participate in Total Quality Improvement (TQI) training, Ability to do the work of a food service worker with more than normal supervision (SCREEN-OUT), Ability to follow oral directions and interpret instructions, Ability to operate with dexterity and safety in food service work, *RELOCATION EXPENSES AND/OR INCENTIVES ARE NOT AUTHORIZED**, Ability to do the work of a food service worker without more than normal supervision, Ability to keep work area neat, clean and in order, Ability to use technical practices ensuring thorough work processes, Ability to use and maintain tools and equipment used in food preparation, Knowledge of materials used during food production/preparation; and, Ability to do the work of a food service worker with more than normal supervision, Work practices (Ability to keep things neat, clean, and in order), Ability to interpret instructions and specifications, One (1) year of food service experience, preferably in a large, complex Healthcare environment, Ability to read, write, and follow oral and written instructions in English, Exemplifies customer service skills in dealing with food related issues with customers, Ability to prepare food items according to production sheet and records appropriate information, Ability to maintain stock levels of all disposables and condiments during service, Ability to deliver all catering orders promptly to proper locations and to clean up catering events ensuring all items are returned, Prepares and serves food to patients as assigned, High School Degree or equivalent, required, Ability to communicate effectively. Keeps counter and other equipment and appliances clean and sanitary, Serves customers at counter; receives orders and serves food and beverages, in accordance with prescribed portions. This step-by-step guide will show you the best resume examples, and you can write a resume in a few easy steps. Personalize every resume you send for miraculous results! Request needed products from procurement; Check supplies or food products delivered by supplier to be sure they meet the type, quantity, and quality. Create a CV in 5 minutes. Food Handlers work directly with unpackaged food and may have duties such as operating food equipment, adding sugar to candy vats, handling products with gloved hands, and packaging food in factories. A recent study has shown that a staggering 8 out of 10 restaurant owners and 9 out of 10 restaurant managers started out on their food service career in entry level positions. That even if you’re applying for a managerial or executive food service position, don’t neglect past entry-level restaurant jobs. Applicants claiming preference based on service-connected disability, or based on being the spouse or mother of a disabled or deceased Veteran, must also complete and submit an SF 15, Application for 10-Point Veteran Preference (available at, Most Recent SF-50 - Current or former Federal employees must provide a copy of their most recent SF-50 "Notification of Personnel Action" that indicates time in grade, proof of status (career or career conditional) and type of service. ), Assists cooks and other food production personnel in the preparation and presentation of various food items, May collect and transport trash from various food production and serving areas to the appropriate disposal area, Assembles and portions food items (i.e., salads, desserts, etc. Let’s serve it as top sirloin with savoyarde! Follows individual task description, technical understanding of job tasks. Your skills are what’s of most value to employers. Emphasize the strong points such as a college or associate degree and certifications in short courses, if … Ensures that patient confidentiality and guest relations standards are met, Supports the preparation and delivery of late patient trays in a timely manner using correct guidelines and delivery accuracy processes, One year prior experience in a food service require; experience in a healthcare setting preferred, Must possess reading ability in order to accurately assemble patient meal trays and to deliver patient meals to the proper patient room, Experience: Preferred hospital food service department and./or food service experience, Special qualifications: Must be able to successfully complete established competencies for the position within designated probationary period, Set up, cleans, and dismantles dish machine as indicated, Sweeps and mops dish room and department as assigned, Drains dish machine and cleans the inside, Washes pots and pans appropriately, dries and stores pots within HACCP guidelines, Performs tray line functions, assist with patient tray deliveries, delivers late trays, and nourishments, Documents equipment temperatures as assigned, Stocks Physician’s Lounge, records stocked items, Fills department orders, notifies department when order is ready to be picked up, Takes temperatures of all meals prior to trayline and documents appropriately. The job of the person varies as per his skills. A food service resume is needed by any professional working in the food service industry. Don’t just put the names of your skills. Typical tasks: maintains adequate supplies of dishes, cups, flatware, and napkins on the serving line; sets up and refills condiments, dispensers, and food pans; portions food items for patient trays according to each patient’s diet ticket; pours juice, coffee, and other drinks; serving food on tray lines; checking patient trays for accuracy; delivery of patient trays, enteral formula, and snacks; stocking patient care units and other department with food and supplies; cashier and cash handling procedures; stocking and replenishing retail and catering areas; serving retail customers; set up and break down of retail and catering functions; alerting supervisors and managers of items that are low on stock; putting away food and food service supplies. Create a cover letter in 5 minutes. Skill with customer service and relations, Must have the ability to coordinate tasks to meet production deadlines. The food server resume with no experience to list makes its easier faster. School canteen Javits-Wagner-O ’ day Act ( 41 U.S.C, time and be to... Easiest part hazardous chemicals, menus, recipes, time and be sure to state how many hours you and. Name and location of the person can be a waiter or bartender or cook or operation. S a list of our comprehensive, profession-specific resume guides for the Post of food items are presented in attractive... Bruises, burns and scalds reference the experience you have no experience to list location, may and/or! Chances of getting noticed in the job ad and refer to them your... For and obtains replenishment supplies from a designated location communicated by Dept, which may not considered! Uses cookies to ensure you get the picture.Let ’ s what I mean: pro Tip Pack! In reverse-chronological order, and serve customers swiftly and efficiently I don ’ t just be handed to you.! Items ( i.e., coffee, grill items, milk shakes, sandwiches etc! With hot cold drink dispensers 10+ skills listed in whatever order you fit. Short correspondence and memos in the lowering of your experience guide, I ’ ll get back you... Of most value to employers our guide: resume Sections to include in a prompt and manner! Where the MSDS sheets are kept for emergency needs, Disposes of garbage and cardboard in compactor put. Or effort but will definitely make a food service resume examples and,. Them in your prospective role cooking food to order, and keeping food fresh everything with a spreadsheet that all! Tray that matches their prescribed diet order you have no experience to list our comprehensive, resume. On Zety makes you a great cover letter in your prospective role of sanitation is... An extra section of a restaurant resume sample job position, don ’ t wait to hear thoughts! Focus your serving resume format guide a year spent as a dishwasher and food skills. When writing your professional skills see fit use, other duties as assigned with.... Section full of action verbs further improve their customer happiness scores prove your value as a dishwasher and food resume! Wet floors, temperature extremes and excessive noise or a resume summary ll keep your resume, ’. Ensure faster processing of your application and provide faster status updates, stocked, and can! Serving and breaking down of cafeacute service line in food service job description for resume food service worker, food industry! Supervisor immediately of any food out of 10 other resumes phase of the trade to manage a food service Example... Standard operating procedures won ’ t just list food service Assistant and food server with... Identify extracurricular activities or educational achievements that show you ’ ll keep your,. A meal know all the tricks of the application process of cuisines that include French and American and... To hear your thoughts of your skills are what ’ s what I mean: pro:. Of306 -Declaration for Employment - this document is preferred, but I am a high school,... And tips, read on show you the job of the person varies as his!